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Shake the tree
Two and a half years since my last post! Lots has happened in my life: I'm now in Oxford doing a PhD in organic solar cells. One day I will save the world! I've had a relaxing Christmas. Tomorrow I'm going back to Oxford.

I wish I'd written about my travels - maybe the highlight of my life so far (bar meeting certain people and having awesome good times). Thankfully for the world my lengthy tales of the Australian outdoors, humid Malaysian cities, Vietnamese wonders and Bornean apes are in a two-volume paper form never should be written out here. The world is amazing and my oyster. I am such a lucky girl.

This post is for Stuart, whom I saw over the holidays and who revealed that he occasionally looks at my profile to laugh at my pineapple. Or it brings him joy. Something like that. I wonder how long it takes him to read this...

Enjoy this post because, at this rate, I'll be in my thirties when I write the next one!


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