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Summer of James
I've been such a livejournal slacker. And I'll continue the trend by making this short because I have a cycle rack and bike to fix to the back of my car! After a shower maybe. I also need to send an email to James. Then, and only then, shall I get some much needed sleep!

Rather a lot has happened in my life in the past few months:
April - June = revision, exams, lots of librarying, lots of B-rooming, lots of P520ing, poster making, poster presenting, walks with James around campus, squash,  a couple of games nights, a few pub nights, a few bike rides and many other random things such as broom-handle fights...I might add more as it comes to me!
June = no exams! Freedom to do more fun things! Final Fling and Feeder, seeing Shakespeare in Stratford, going to Warwick, London, Leam, Birmingham with Lau, results, happiness, packing
July = Working with BP, graduation, London trip, Westcountry trip, 3 Richmond trips!

Yes...I need to get on or else I will be a zombie when I get to Bridgwater tomorrow. 
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