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Real Ale
Went to the Real Ale Festival last night! Dr Busker was there - great band! Had some Princetown Jail Ale to be patriotic (to Devon) along with a few others including a rather nice Lemon and Ginger Ale. Nicola and I went onto the Crystal Maze night. The challenges were quite fun but it would  have been better if I hadn't wanted to go to bed straight away (my lack of sleep had finally caught up with me)! Had my fortune told by mumsie though! That was fun :)

Yes I still haven't written about the holiday. I bet I won't do it until summer, it's just such a mammoth task!

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The Crystal Maze night?????

It was hosted by RAG and held in the union. They had different zones in different rooms/areas with one challenge in each! Sadly no Richard O'Brien was there :( There weren't even proper crystals! Was cool nevertheless :D

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