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Royal Wedding
So we have a new royal married couple. They look very lovely and provided everyone with a fantastic bank holiday yesterday! Went to London and saw a glimpse of Kate's car arriving in Westminster and saw very tiny royal figures on the balcony. I think I would have needed to get there about half a day before I did to be able to get any closer. London that day was full of joy and happiness. Met some jolly policemen, a street vendor gave me a free flag and lots of people were smiling and taking photos of each other's patriotic costumes in the warm sunshine. Petos, Elva and I got caught by a Japanese TV crew too as we were toasting to the happy couple and drinking wine out of plastic beakers on the street. So classy! 

We saw the wedding service itself from a pub down the road from Westminster Abbey. The words uttered were thought-provoking and reminded me how beautiful marriage can be. And weddings...I need to work out how to get close enough to Harry to be invited to his, 'twould be glorious!



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