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It's a hard life if you have a hard shell
A snail crawled up my bathroom window today. I was having a shower at the time and looked to the window and saw what I thought was a leaf outside, that I presumed was hanging from a spider's web. I carried on showering, looked back and it had moved. I quickly shut the open window above it because I didn't want it to get in and it had been pretty speedy for a snail. Then I realised how much of a hard life some snails must have. It took that snail about five minutes to climb up half a window and if getting in was its aim, for me to shut the open window was probably  quite gutting for it. Or maybe it was just going for an exploration and was having a really good time. Perhaps it was showing off its climbing skills to all of its friends. I hope so.

I have been doing things in my life other than watching snails but these small incidences provoke writing here more than the big things.

In other news...congratulations to Corinne on passing her driving test!


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