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RAG Week 2007!
I'm not a helper this year. Was going to be but missed the first meeting. Nicola and I sent each other Roses in lectures. I was given mine by a very cute St Bernard named Bernard and a dolphin delivered hers. The chocolates I sent to my friends in my physics class were very tasty too and Yorck (our lecturer) had some too :)

Currently making notes on papers and this weekend I'm off to Cam (Fri-Sat) then my parents are up so I'll be off to Brum (Sun) and then I think it might be a DVD night on Sunday. And then it will be Week 9. Of 10. My interim report is currently 4 pages of notes. Someday it will be 10-12 pages of nicely written NMR/ Raman/ glass forming theory, which I'm currently getting my head round.

I chipped part of my hubcap off today :-s Hope my Dad doesn't notice. I will buy a new one, just not before next year. Although it feels weird not telling them. There's a couple of other things I didn't tell them out of wanting to spare myself the guilt but it does feel strange.

Anyway, looking forward to this weekend :) Project day tomorrow, which will be quite fun until the NMR lecture.

Adios mis amigos/ Au revoir mes amis/ Auf wiedersehen meine Freunde/ Zaijian ren

I'm worried that I'm forgetting not only German, but now French due to doing Spanish. By the way the last goodbye (in Mandarin) says 'goodbye people' because I can't remember the word for friends! I think it's punyou. Anyway, night! (noche, nuit, Nacht, tau!)
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